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A Scrumptious Insight into the Different Types of Idlis

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On a perfect family dinner, what can be better than having a delicious dosa, relishing rasam and irresistible idlis? Nah! No other cuisine can make it to your taste buds like a South Indian platter.

South Indian dishes have no more remained a much-loved food only for a scrumptious insight into the different types of idlis into the south Indians restaurant franchise.

However, it is true that people from other parts of the country are trying to develop their taste and include it in their food habits.

Besides the restaurant franchise that dedicatedly offer South Indian food, others have also given it a place in their menus.

When it comes to the nutritional value, idlis are filling and keeps the weight in control. The idlis made of Semolina are absolutely healthy with no fat and no cholesterol in them.

Below mentioned are the major types of idlis that you can find in the best South Indian food franchise or can also try to prepare it at home.

7 Types of Idlis –

Plain Rawa Idli – Plain idlis are made out of the batter of semolina, curd and other spices. Plain idlis are ideal for the ones who do not prefer vegetables in idli and love to eat it simple.

Stuffed Idli – When you are hungry but do not wish to have a full course meal but still want to feel full, stuffed idli is the best option.

For stuffed idlis, you can fry potatoes in ginger-garlic paste, adding curry leaves, mustard seeds, chopped chilies, cumin seeds and coriander leaves to it.

After the potato stuffing is ready, you can work on the batter by mixing roasted semolina, curd, baking soda and water, if required.

You then have to press and place the stuffing and then pour the batter over it. Steam it in the idli maker and yummy stuffed idlis are ready.

Oats Idli – The perfect way to a healthy breakfast is having oats idlis. This avatar of idli is ideal for the ones running on a diet regime. Here, oats are used as the main ingredient to prepare the idli batter and then vegetables are added to it.

You can finely cut the vegetables including peas, carrots, bell peppers, French beans and also cashews and almonds if you wish to. The choice of vegetables and nuts is entirely yours, according to your taste.

Vegetable Idli – This is going to be the most nutritious meal for you. Here, you are free to add on as many veggies as you want in the idli batter. For taste, you can also go for chopped green chilies, and spices including the pizza seasoning. Yes, adding oregano and chili flakes to the vegetable idli can enhance the taste of idlis altogether.

Cucumber Idli – Cucumber idlis have become a trend among all these days. It is simply because of its health benefits and refreshing taste.

Here, the grated cucumber is added to the idli batter and coconut powder is topped to give it a unique taste. If you wish to have a more different taste then you can also add jaggery to it.

Pepper Idli – Pepper idlis can be a great idea if you love spicy food. To prepare pepper idlis, you need mini idlis, capsicum, onion, salt, coriander leaves, pepper and fennel seeds.

After roasting the pepper and fennel seeds, you have to temper it in 2 spoons of oil, adding garlic and curry leaves to it. Later, put the idlis in it. Sauté it all with a light hand until everything is mixed it perfectly.

Rice & Moong Dal Idli – Rice idlis when prepared with moong dal, spring onions and carrots can taste out of this world. You can add spices to it according to your taste and enjoy it with either a bowl of hot sambhar or a variety of chutneys.

No matter which type of idli you are having, you can enjoy them all with coconut chutney, mint chutney and tomato- garlic chutney.

How to find the Best South Indian Food Restaurant Franchise?

If you are craving to eat authentic South Indian dishes and looking for one fine restaurant to dine out with your family then here you go!

To reach the finest restaurant, you can take the help of various applications that are today available to be downloaded on the smartphone.

On these apps, you can find the rating of various dosa franchises, their menus, prices and features.

Apps like Zomato list down all the features of every restaurant franchise including vegetarian/non-vegetarian cuisines, availability of smoking zone, bar facility, wifi, music and everything else that you are required to know.

You will also find a mention of the estimated cost of dining of two people. In addition to this, ordering food through such apps makes you eligible for exciting discounts as well.

So, visit your nearest idli restaurant franchise to try out some of the relishing idlis to satisfy your taste buds. Happy eating!

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