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Breakfast Dishes to Eat If You are Trying to Lose Weight


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Are you just bored of eating oats, cornflakes, fruits and veggies to lose those extra kilos? Well, there are certain Indian breakfast dishes that can boost up your metabolism and help you in weight loss.

Indian cuisines are known for their spices, flavors and herbs and there are some dishes that are perfect for weight loss.

We see people who are trying to lose weight eat fruits, raw vegetables, dry fruits, etc. This often makes the journey tough for them but, if you are trying to lose weight but have bored with your diet plans then,

You can go for the Indian breakfast diet that is delicious and will also help you to lose extra pounds and get a fit and healthy body.

Eating healthy breakfast can be the best thing for your health and your weight. Research has proven that eating healthy breakfast tend to be more successful at losing weight compared to those who skip meals.

So, if you really want to lose weight in just a few days then, stick to these Indian breakfast diet plans and achieve your goals.

Here is the list of Indian breakfast dishes that aids weight loss and you should include them in your diet.


We all know about the popularity of Idli in India. It is one of the most ordered food items in the top 100 franchises in India for healthy-foods.

People often go to the South Indian restaurant franchise to relish this yummy and delicious dish. When it comes to weight loss by eating something very delicious then, you cannot forget Idli to add in the list.

This is the Indian breakfast that is considered to be the world’s best breakfast. This is a South-Indian breakfast, which is effective in weight loss.

Though Idli is effective in weight loss, this doesn’t mean having Idli for three times a day. In fact, you should have this as your breakfast.

Idli are steamed food that’s why low in calories and this is why it is considered to be the best breakfast in the world. Idlis are made with urad dal and rice fermented batter and so,

It is easy to digest and very healthy. You can have this delicious steamed breakfast every day that aids weight loss.


Also known as Chivda Pulao, Poha is one of the best breakfasts you can have in order to lose weight. This is a Maharashtrian dish, which is very low in calories thus, perfect for weight loss.

If you are looking for a healthy weight loss diet yet so delicious then, Poha is the dish you can have as breakfast found in the top 100 franchises in India.

Poha is a good source of carbohydrate and essential vitamins and is packed with iron and rich in fibers so, Poha is a healthy dish that one must include in his diet.


We know working out helps in shedding pounds but, your weight loss journey becomes more effective if you follow the right diet and we will recommend you to eat Dhokla, a snack from Gujarat that you can find in the top 100 franchises in India for healthy foods.

You can have Dhokla as breakfast as it made with a fermented batter of the gram, which is a good combination of carbohydrates and protein.

This is a steamed snack and this is because it is low in calories that make it a perfect and healthy snack to have as your breakfast that aids weight loss.

Moong Dal Chila

Moong Dal Chila is a staple across Indian kitchens. It has many health benefits but, the most significant benefit of eating moong dal chilla is weight loss.

It is a great source of fiber that makes it is a good option for a weight loss diet plan. These fibers can help in lowering the cholesterol level. Moong lentil makes for an excellent source of plant-based proteins.

Upma  (Without Oil)

Another popular dish straight from South India kitchen Upma is one of the best dishes that aid weight loss. This is a standard Indian breakfast consumed by everyone in India.

It is healthy food and good for weight loss but until you mix oil in it. If you will eat Upma made with zero oil then you will definitely lose weight.

Zero oil upma increases energy level increases immunity, reduces hunger pranks also it is good for kidneys, good for your heart, bones and also it is a good source of iron.

So, you should have Upma with zero oil breakfast for weight loss in the top 100 franchises in India for healthy foods.

If your goal is to cut down the extra fats from the belly and get a slim body then, hitting the gym is just not enough, you will have to follow a good diet plan as well.

And the above-mentioned food items are one of the delicious yet healthy breakfast dishes that you can eat to lose your weight that you can find in top 100 franchises in India for healthy foods.

If you don’t know how to make these dishes you can have it any restaurant or stopovers or you can learn these recipes from the Internet today. I hope this article will help you and you will get the desired results. All the best!

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