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7 Unknown Facts about South India We Bet You Don’t Know


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India is the land of histories and mysteries and we have so many points to prove that. Every part of India is a fantasy in itself.

The culture, tradition and food of every region in the country is a researchable material. Talking to the history of India, it is said that the true Indians are those who reside in the southern region.

If you really wish to know Indian culture from close the visit south. Along with this, there are so many other interesting facts about South India that would surely mesmerize you.

However this is a blog for South Indian food in the top franchise in India, but I bet the information provided here is deep down related to the region because food is the identification of a place.

There are so many things for you to learn about South India that by the end of this blog you would fantasize that India does have a region like this. There is always a discussion about the south and north.

Some say north India is good some say it is south which is best. In fact, the South of India is totally different from the North and has many unique features and a more coastal (and chill) vibe.

On this very special blog, I am going to tell you about the 7 unknown facts about South India, I bet you don’t know. You might know one or two things out of this but not all.

Southern India Is Home To 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The discussion about South India would always be incomplete without the heritages at the place. Out of 36 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, Southern India gets to have a sweet brag about having nine of them.

The most famous are the two temple sites at Tamil Nadu, the Chola temples and the Monuments at Mahabalipuram.

south india famous chutniMore Than 17 Breakfast Dishes Are Ethnic to the Area

South has so much to give you, especially when it comes to the breakfast option.

Saying this won’t be wrong that the breakfast of south India binds the whole country together.

If you’re a breakfast lover, Southern India is the place for you in the top franchise in India. 

Over 17 breakfast dishes originated here including dosa, idly, upma, uttapam and Pongal. Phew! You might need to schedule in brunch to try them all.

And thanks to the sophisticated south Indian restaurants all over the country that helps us to get the authentic taste of the food in the top franchise in India.

The First Known Southern Indian Literature Dates Back To Over Two Thousand Years

Now, this is something really very interesting. The earliest literature of South India was an ancient Tamil script called Sangams,

and thanks to many monuments and archives lasting through the ages, modern South Indian writers are able to pull on the ancient material and have won many translation awards because of it.

Southern India Boasts the Title Of ‘Richest Temple in the World’

The richi rich south India has the richest temples too. There are many temples in South India that has uncountable wealth and treasure.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is valued at a whopping $22.3 billion and is known as the ‘Richest Temple in the World’.

South India Has an Exclusive Elephants Only Spa

Sometimes even elephants need some pampering and if you want to see it go to south India. At Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre in Kerala, the big grey beauties can get massages, baths and a feed.

The sanctuary aims to promote responsible interactions with elephants while protecting them.

producer of coconut75% of India’s Coconut Production Comes From The South

I think this is not an amazing fact you know because we all know the love of coconut for the southies.

Next time you’re sipping on some coconut water, give a toast to Southern Indian in the top franchise in India. 

3/4 of all coconuts come from the South compared to only Maharashtra, West Bengal and Odisha producing coconuts in the North.

Southern India Has the Most Ayurveda Schools Anywhere In The World

South and Ayurveda are deeply related. The ancient practice of Ayurveda medicine began in India 3000 years ago and it’s still going strong to this day.

Especially in the South where countless ashrams and schools teach and practice the mind and body healing techniques.

Bonus Fact: South Indians are the Most Humble People

I know most of you would agree with that. If you don’t then you should visit south India. It has the highest literacy rate in India especially states like Kerala and Karnataka.

If you are here in the south you would be pleased with the humble nature of people here.

The Final Takeaway

So, this was my most important guide for south India. I hope you liked reading this. South is really full of treasures and the unknown facts that have been mentioned here would surely mesmerize you more to visit the place.

It is actually one of the beautiful places in India to be. Whether it is the food of south India or the heritages, everything just mesmerizes people.

The best part about south Indian food in the top franchise in India is that, it is liked and appreciated all over the country. There are brands like The Idly Xpress that are promoting the authentic south Indian cuisines all over the world.

A trip to south India would add more to your memories and you would be able to see and feel the facts that I have mentioned here.

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