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These 9 Reasons Will Make You to Add Dosa to Your Meal

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Food is life and there is no doubt on this. But, in the meantime, it is also correct that food is healthy. If you want to remain healthy then you have to eat healthily.

Whatever you are eating, it is directly affecting your body whether in a positive or a negative sense. Ignoring the health essentials of food is not at all right.

When you wish to eat something healthy, you should go for it. In this informative food blog, where I keep on posting about healthy food options and the health benefits of many foods, today I am with the benefits of Dosa.

A long cylindrical crispy Dosa could be of so much importance, you will get to know about it by the end of this blog. So, let’s start.

So let us first start with the obvious question, what is Dosa? Dosa, a savoury staple food as the best franchise business of South India, is considered as a healthy food item.

Known as the pancake of India, the flavour of Dosa is relished by people all over the country. It is a versatile dish. The tasty pancake can be eaten for breakfast, dinner, or even as a snack item.

No matter whether you are in north India or are roaming across the south Indian markets, you can easily spot Dosa everywhere. Here is something very interesting which I am going to tell you about

#1 Easy to Digest: The best reason why you should start munching Dosa is that it is extremely easy to digest. Dosa is a fermented pancake.

It’s generally prepared from a combination of rice batter and black lentils, which makes it easy to assimilate aGood Source of Carbohydratesnd digest.

The chutney served with Dosa will make the journey even simpler.

#2 Good Source of Carbohydrates: If the point number one is still a not a good choice for you to grab a dosa and you are much health cautious then this will certainly help.

Dosa is a good source of carbohydrates.

It provides your body with the energy needed to carry out various functions. For people on a weight-loss diet, dosa is the best option.

#3 High in Proteins: If you are concerned about the protein intake in your diet then switch to Dosa, it will help you out.

Protein is an essential body nutrient required to make your muscles and bones stronger. Making dosa a part of your regular diet will help you, as it supplies moderate amounts of protein to your body.dosa low in fats

#4 Low in Calories: Those who are truly health cautious and don’t want to take even a single more amount of calorie, Dosa is a good choice for them to make.

It is very low in calories, hence you can unhesitantly add it to your meal.

An ideal healthy food should be low in calories while satisfying your hunger.

Dosa is one such food item which is extremely appetizing and relatively light, adding low calories in your body. It’s a healthy choice to overcome obesity.

Plain-Dosa-idlixpress#5 Low in Fat: As a very low amount of oil or Ghee is required to cook dosa, hence it is a great food item in the best franchise business you should get now only.

It contains very less saturated fat, which is a good thing as high saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases.

#6 Rich Source of Minerals: Dosa contains a rich source of several minerals like iron and calcium.

Iron helps in producing oxygen-carrying proteins, namely haemoglobin and myoglobin; and calcium helps in maintaining healthy bones.

Those who are worried about mineral intake in their body can switch to Dosa, as it is a good food option in the best franchise business model.

# 7 Source of Vitamins: There is no one who is unaware of the requirement of the vitamin in the diet. Vitamins are essential for normal growth, development and functioning of cells.

Dosa is a healthy choice which contains vitamin C, an essential nutrient required for the development and maintenance of blood vessels, scar tissues and cartilage.

dosa#8 A Freshly Served Food: The best reason to have dosa is that it is freshly served.

Dosa is a proper healthy dish which tastes extremely delicious since it is freshly prepared and served hot.

There is not any chance to make your stomach upset when you are eating dosa.

#9 Tasty, Nutritious and Healthy: And last but not the least, the best reason to have dosa is that it is extremely nutritious and tasty.

Dosa contains all the essential nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body and makes your meal experience not just enjoyable, but also tasty and healthy.

A Final Takeaway

I am sure that these health benefits of Dosa will surely make you order one now. A piece of good news about the food is that The Idli Xpress has launched its south Indian food franchise business all across the country.

So, if you are planning to grab one dosa prepared in a healthy and hygienic environment then, visit any Idli Xpress outlet now.

We all are very much aware of the love of south Indian food items in the best franchise business model in India.

Due to many benefits and especially the health reasons, people prefer to much on south Indian food items.

Dosa is extremely easy to digest and easy to prepare also. As it is prepared fresh, you can never upset your stomach while having dosa.

You may find Dosa anywhere around you, but we would always suggest you take it from an authentic south Indian restaurant.

Doing so will make sure that you are taking the best amount of nutrients and minerals from this.

If you want to start a south Indian food best franchise business model then you can contact The Idli Xpress as they are now offering business opportunity all over the country.

This is the best time to get connected with this reputed global brand.

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