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9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods in theidlixpress Food Franchise

9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods

Going back to history and culture, we find that the southern part of India is the true flag bearer of the culture and traditions.

In fact the Dravidians are considered to be the true Indians whereas the north Indians are said to be the decedents of Aryans.

Well, history is a part, but when it comes to the food of India we can say that still today the southern part of India truly bears the responsibility to keep alive fragrances of Indian spices alive.

South Indian food is meant to be filled with a lot of aromas, spices and most importantly the authenticity.

There is no doubt in claiming this that for sure South India gives the perfect glimpse of authentic Indian recipes. India is blessed with a vast culture and tradition.

Every part of India is prominent in its own way. Different parts of India are known for the rich aroma of spices and flavors of food. In India you would find the south Indian food franchise lovers all across the country.

food franchise

Whether you are in the freezing mountains or are sailing in the sea, the easy and cozy south Indian foods franchise always makes the first choice of people.

When it comes to describing the south Indian food franchise then people’s knowledge ends up with Idli and Dosa. Well, the list is even bigger.

I am a foodie and love to explore food items from different parts of the country. Definitely, south Indian food is always my top priority.

In this blog today, I am going to tell you about the 9 most appetizing south Indian foods that you must try at least once in life.

9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods#9 Puliyogare or Tamarind Rice: The relation of south Indian food and tamarind is impeccable.

You cannot imagine a food franchise in south India, without the inclusion of tamarind.

One of the very popular south Indian lunch items is Puliyogara or tamarind rice.

It is the most loved rice item in the southern part of India and mostly carried by people for their lunch, those who work or go out for study during the daytime.

It is also a must dish to be prepared during festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi or Diwali and is served in temples.

The dish is a perfect blend of tamarind juice, peanuts, red chili, curry leaves, coriander leaves, grated coconut, jaggery, pepper, mustard seeds, fenugreek, turmeric, asafoetida, black gram, and cumin.

#8 Chettinad Chicken: 9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods If you are a non-vegetarian and are hunting out for something really aromatic with loads of spices then go for Chettinad Chicken.

People used to get the taste of this very tasty chicken with rice, roti and even dosa.

The cuisine is famous for its rare spicy combination which includes dried flower pods, black stone flower, bay leaf and many more.

food franchise#7 Appam: Though this dish is a native of Tamil Nadu but is eaten with full interest all over the southern region.

Appam is basically a tasty flat lacy pancake prepared from fermented batter of coconut milk and rice.

It is crisp on one side and airy on another. It is a favorite combination with gravy items.

#6 Medu Vada:9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods Here comes the most sumptuous south Indian food franchise item which is loved and cherished by many.

It is an everyday cuisine for the people of this region. Apart from being served as a favorite breakfast item in many homes of south India,

it is a favorite meal for festivals and more than that it is a famous south Indian street food as well.

#5 9 Most Appetizing South Indian FoodsMalabar Fish Curry: I know that you are drooling with this name. Malabar fish curry is the true identity of authentic south Indian cuisine.

It is a dish that uses the authentic spices of the region.

Chili, coconut and fish are though the main ingredients of the dish but you can find the many variants of this food across south India.

It is a favorite food of Keralites but this dish is so famous that you can even find the canned version of the same in every supermarket.

#4 Saaru or Rasam:9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods Don’t forget the Rasam ki Kasam. Well, the very thin pungent soup prepared with tamarind pulp as its main ingredient which is then mixed with various spices,

finally to be tempered with mustard and curry leaves is the mandatory food item for every south Indian meal.

The best part of this item is that, you can have it both with rice and separately as a soup item as well.

9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods#3 Hyderabadi Biryani: It will be a total injustice to the south Indian food franchise if we will not include the Hyderabad Biryani in the list.

It is something that is the perfect blend of Mughlai and Andhra Pradesh cuisine which was born in the kitchens of the food-loving Nawabs.

The dish is cooked with the aromatic silky basmati rice and lamb/ chicken meat;

it is a trademark recipe of Muslim weddings and festivals. The dish is served with shorba or chutney.

#2 Chicken 65:9 Most Appetizing South Indian Foods Now the second position in my list goes to chicken 65. It is one of the greatest identities of authentic south Indian street food.

This fried chicken mixed with spicy flavoring deserves a spot on this list for famous South Indian dishes to try.

food franchise# 1 Idli: Of course, the world-famous Idli holds on the first position in the list. Idli and south Indian street food go side by side.

This very light steamed item is a preferred breakfast item. idlis are fluffy and savory rice/lentils cakes which are the healthy breakfast and snacks.

They are fermented before steam cooking, which makes it easy to metabolize in the body which makes them a good nutritious choice for breakfast.

It is a low-calorie diet and definitely not adds any kilos to your weight.

I am a big fan of the south Indian food franchise. The best part of the south Indian dishes is that they bear the authenticity of taste.

And, a big thanks to south Indian restaurant franchises like The Idli Xpress which is committed to bringing the authenticity of south Indian meal in a global platform.

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